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Disney princess enchanted journey

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Disney Princess and Fairy Pack - Odeslání během pár minut

Disney Princess and Fairy Pack Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell's Adventure Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey Disney Princess: My Fairytale...

Disney Princess Enchanted Character Guide

Follow Cinderella to the ball, join Jasmine on her magic carpet ride and dance with Beauty and the Beast until midnight in this enchanting guide to all your favourite Disney Princesses! Discover all the Disney princesses names and movies plus their fairy-tale endings. Get to know each beautiful Princess and read their magical story, meet their best friends and worst enemies, plus find out fascinating facts about your favourite Disney Princess. From Snow White and The Little Mermaid to Sleeping ...

Level 3: Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast

One day an old woman arrived at a castle. A prince opened the door. “Help me!” she cried.“No. Go away!” shouted the Prince. Suddenly, she was a beautiful enchantress. “Now you are a beast because you are cruel.”Belle rides her horse through the forest. The horse is scared. Suddenly, they see the Beast’s enchanted castle. Who or what is she going to find in the castle?

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