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Cd passenger

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CD Lisa Hannigan : Passenger

; 2. album (2011); Videoklip k písni Little Bird najdete zde: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRdj8MRj9Js; Tracklist:; 1. Home ; 2. A Sail ; 3. Knots ; 4. What'll I Do ; 5. O Sleep ; 6. Paper House ; 7. Little

CD Passenger : Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea

; 7.album (2016); ; 1. Everything; 2. If You Go; 3. When We Were Young; 4. Anywhere; 5. Somebody's Love; 6. Young as the Morning Old as the Sea; 7. Beautiful Birds; 8. The Long Road; 9.

CD Trapt : DNA

; 7. album (2016); Tracklist:; 1. Intro [0:40]; 2. Human (Like The Rest Of Us) [4:07]; 3. It's Over [3:28]; 4. Tangled Up In You [4:07]; 5. Changing Hands [4:14]; 6. Unforgiven [3:55]; 7. Passenger [3:52]; 8.

CD Red Lamb : Red Lamb

; Tracklist:; 01. The Cage; 02. One Shell (in the Chamber); 03. Standby Passenger; 04. Runaway Train; 05. Puzzle Box; 06. Get Up; 07. Don’t Threaten To Love Me; 08. Angels Of War; 09. Watchman; 10.

TALES OF THE SUPERNATURAL + CD (Black Cat Readers Level 3) -...

Four chilling tales take you into a world where anything can happen. Charles Dickens adds extra horror to his famous tale of a haunted railwayman. In Edgar Allan Poe’s classic story, ‘Ligeia’, the ghost of a beautiful woman returns and defeats death. E. Nesbit shows us how there really is a good reason to be scared of the dark. And F. M. Crawford tells of a ship’s passenger who encounters a horrible ‘thing’ in his cabin.


Winnie's sisters have given her a flying carpet but Winnie is struggling to find something nice to say about it in her thank-you letter as the carpet has been more than a little wayward. Winnie decides to give the carpet one last chance but then disaster strikes. The carpet swoops off with poor Wilbur as its unwilling passenger. Winnie tries to catch it but the carpet is too fast for her and it heads straight for a funfair where it subjects Wilbur to a string of crazy rides. Winnie has to resor...