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Animals sam taplin

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First Words

Brighter Child First Words Flash Cards offer children a fun and easy way to practice those first words to prepare for school. Featuring 54 cards that help reinforce phonics, letter recognition, and reading readiness skills with full-color illustrations. A special card also offers creative game ideas designed to reinforce learning. The popular Brighter Child® Flash Cards give children a fun and easy way to practice important skills. Offering 24 titles encompassing preschool to grade 5, each titl...

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Animals - Sam Taplin

There are dozens of different animals to discover in this fun sticker book. With over 450 stickers, children will love placing the right stickers on the different scenes. Themes include the zoo, pets,

Jungle Magic Painting Book - Taplin, Sam

Sweep your brush over a spritely tiger and its cubs, a slithering snake, a playful elephant and more exuberant animals to see this vibrant jungle burst into colour - as if by magic.

NOISY ZOO - Sam Taplin

Suitable for very little children, this book helps them press the buttons to make the noises of the animals they find in a zoo including a lion, elephant and dolphins.

Listen and Learn First Chinese Words - Mairi Mackinnon, Sam Taplin

Autor : Mairi Mackinnon, Sam Taplin, A fun and interactive way for children to listen to and learn 128 everyday words in Mandarin Chinese spoken by a native speaker. Select one of four double-sided topic cards, each with sixteen words and pictures about clothes, food, animals and more. Then slot the card into the book's special frame and press the pictures to hear the words read aloud.Druh sortimentu : Kniha, Listen and Learn First Chinese Words, Jazyk : Angličtina, Počet stran : neuvedeno

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