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English plus 1 student s book

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Nakladatel: Oxford University Press SKLADEM - expedice ihned ISBN: 9780194748568 EAN: 9780194748568 Jazyk: angličtina Autor: Ben Wetz, Diana Pye, Nicholas Tims, and James Styring Obsah: paperback Rok vydání: 2011 Počet stran: 120 Úroveň: A1 Zcela nový kurz pro osmiletá gymnázia a základní školy s rozšířenou výukou jazykù. Kurz je vhodný i pro mixed-ability classes, aktivity v sekci Finished? zamě...


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Booktook.cz píše:

Brighten up your classroom with English Plus Second Edition! With
80% new content, more video, new grammar animations, puzzles, and
games, it's never been so easy to capture your students' attention.
You'll find the same clear structure and high level of support for
mixed-ability classes. With English Plus, every student can
practise at the right level for them, and achieve success. You'll
find graded Workbook activities, photocopiable worksheets and
tests, plus fast finisher exercises to stretch stronger learners.
The extra Options lessons allow you to match the course to your
students' interests. Choose from Extra Listening and Speaking,
Curriculum Extra, Culture, Project, and new Song pages.

MALL.CZ píše:

The Student's Book contains a Starter unit to revise basic vocabulary and grammar. Eight teaching units; each unit has two vocabulary sections, two or more grammar presentations, and two listening and reading sections.


Autor : B. Wetz, D. Pye, A supportive course that helps students of all abilities build confidence through graded practice. The flexible package makes it ideal for mixed-ability classes, and varying teaching loads. English Plus develops students’ communication skills through a structured and methodical approach, helping students to achieve their individual learning outcomes in every lesson. One lesson-per-page structure means teachers can pick up and teach the course ‘I can’ statements, learning objectives, and presentation-practice-production methodology ensures all students achieve a productive outcome, regardless of their ability Step-by-step writing lessons and step-by-step speaking practice to build students’ confidence Options provides four optional extra lessons of CLIL, Culture, Vocabulary, or listening and speaking practice for each unit, linked to topics and language in the main units Graded grammar and vocabulary photocopiables in the Teacher’s Book offer the opportunity to supplement or extend lessons Finished? Activities ensure fast finishers are kept busy throughout the lesson.Druh sortimentu : Kniha, English Plus 1 Student´s Book, Jazyk : Angličtina, Počet stran : 120

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