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Youtube music

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ATMO music: Andělé x Démoni - ATMO music

Tracklist1. Svědomí2. Fáma (feat. Jakub Děkan)3. Anna (feat. Roseck)4. Andělé (feat. Jakub Děkan)5. Démoni (feat. Lipo, Chris & Jakub Děkan)6. Hank7. Řekni mi8. Máma (feat. Chris)9. Nyno10. Polety (feat. Sebastian)11. Melancholie (feat. Iva Frühlingová)12. Pocity (feat. Jakub Děkan)13. Čas se krátí (feat. Anita Chekan & Jakub ...

Aerosmith: Music from another dimension! - Aerosmith

Tracklist: 1. LUV XXX 2. Oh Yeah 3. Beautiful 4. Tell Me 5. Out Go The Lights 6. Legendary Child 7. What Could Have Been Love 8. Street Jesus 9. Can’t Stop Loving You (duet w/Carrie Underwood & Steven Tyler) 10. Lover Alot 11. We All Fall Down 12. Freedom Fighter 13. Closer 14. Something 15. Another Last Goodbye

Depeche Mode: Heaven - Depeche Mode

Tracklist: 1. Heaven (Album Version) 2. All That\'s Mine (Deluxe Album Version)

Marika Gombitová: Ten príbeh za náš sen stál - Marika Gombitová

Titulná pieseň k filmu Sedem zhavranelých bratov v troch verziach radio mix, movie mix a instrumental.

Paul McCartney: New 2013 - Paul McCartney

Tracklist: 01. Save Us 02. Alligator 03. On My Way to Work 04. Queenie Eye 05. Early Days 06. New 07. Appreciate 08. Everybody Out There 09. Hosanna 10. I Can Bet 11. Looking At Her 12. Road

James Blunt: Moon Landing - James Blunt

Tracklist: 1. Face The Sun 2. Satellites 3. Bonfire Heart 4. Heart To Heart 5. Miss America 6. The Only One 7. Sun On Sunday 8. Bones 9. Always Hate Me 10. Postcards 11. Blue On Blue

Klangkarussell: Netzwerk - Klangkarussell

Tento rok prišli Klangkarussell s ďalším singlom. Ich horúca novinka pomenovaná Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain) sa nesie v podobnom tanečnom rytme, a tak má všetky predpoklady zabodovať úplne rovnakým spôsobom ako jej predchodca.

Depeche Mode: Heaven Maxi single - Depeche Mode

Tracklist 1. Heaven 2. Heaven (Owlle Remix) 3. Heaven (Steps To Heaven rmx) 4. Heaven (Blawan Remix) 5. Heaven (Mathew Dear vs Audion Vocal Remix)

Mike Oldfield: Man On The Rocks Deluxe Edition - Mike Oldfield

Tracklist 1. Sailing 2. Moonshine 3. Man On The Rocks 4. Castaway 5. Minutes 6. Dreaming In The Wind 7. Nuclear 8. Chariots 9. Following The Angels 10. Irene 11. I Give Myself Away

Cher: Closer To The Truth - Cher

Traclist: 1. Woman’s World 2. Take It Like a Man (featuring Jake Shears) 3. My Love 4. Dressed to Kill 5. Red 6. Lovers Forever 7. I Walk Alone 8. Sirens 9. Favourite Scars 10. I Hope You Find It 11. Lie to Me

DNCE: Swaay - DNCE

Tracklist1. Cake By The Ocean 3:382. Pay My Rent 3:133. Toothbrush 3:514. Jinx 3:36

Helena Vondráčková: Touhy - Helena Vondráčková

Tracklist: 1. Málo mám lásky tvé 2. Nemůžu bez tebe žít 3. Smíš spánek mi krást 4. Nespím 5. Nejsi v tom sám 6. Modré z nebe 7. Máš sílu vstát 8. Adrenalin 9. Krásný ztráty 10. Krajina zázračných dnů 11. 2000 perel 12. Takový buď dál (Bonus)

Toni Braxton & Babyface: Love Marriage & Divorce - Toni Braxton, Babyface

Tracklist: 1. Roller Coaster 2. Sweat 3. Hurt You 4. Where Did We Go Wrong? 5. I Hope That You\'re Okay 6. I Wish 7. Take It Back 8. Reunited 9. I\'d Rather Be Broke 10. Heart Attack 11. The D Word

Kacey Musgraves: Same Trailer Different Park - Kacey Musgraves

Tracklist: 1. Silver Lining3:50 2. My House2:40 3. Merry Go \'Round3:26 4. Dandelion3:02 5. Blowin\' Smoke3:08 6. I Miss You3:50 7. Step Off3:02 8. Back On The Map4:06 9. Keep It To Yourself3:16 10. Stupid2:37 11. Follow Your Arrow3:19 12. It Is What It Is3:46

Eros Ramazzotti: Perfetto - Eros Ramazzotti

Album je podľa zasvätených návratom Erosa Ramazzottiho k jeho klasickej tvorbe, teda ďaleko od všetkých elektronických zvukov a iných experimentov. Tieto slová potvrdzuje už aj pilotný singel Alle Fine Del Mondo, kde sa spevák zahráva dokonca aj s country. Na prvé počutie hitová pieseň už bola nasadená do mnohých európskych rádií a zožala veľmi vrelé prijatie zo strany fanúšikov ...

Alicia Keys: Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys

Tracklist: 01. De Novo Adagio 02. Brand New Me 03. When It\'s All Over 04. Listen To Your Heart 05. New Day 06. Girl On Fire 07. Fire We Make 08. Tears Always Win 09. Not Even The King 10. That\'s When I Knew 11. Limitedless 12. One Thing 13. 101

Rytmus: Jediny čo hreší - Rytmus

Tracklist: 1.Bomby / Sergei Barracuda remix 2. Už bolo toho moc 3. Monopol 4. 8. Okotóber / remix 5. Pome sa zblázniť 6. Pravdivé lži / Embassy 7. Stoprocetn 2 8. Príbeh / Laris Diam remix 9. Technotronic Flow 10. Jebe 11. Fajnová / Igor Kmeťo 12. Mama / Alex Sasi 13. 8. Október 14. Hip hop pojde hore / remix 15. Pravdivý príbeh

Martin Harich: Pátrám - Martin Harich

Tracklist1. Pátram2. Kam sa to podelo3. Čo potom4. Tichý večer5. Kde bolo tam bolo


Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Rich Is Gangsta 3. Drug Dealer\'s Dream 4. Shots Fired 5. Nobody 6. The Devil Is A Lie (feat. JAY Z) 7. Mafia Music III (feat. Sizzla & Mavado) 8. War Ready (feat. Jeezy) 9. What A Shame 10. Supreme 11. BLK & WHT 12. Dope Bitch Skit 13. In Vein (feat. The Weeknd) 14. Sanctified (feat. Kanye West & Big Sean) 15. Walkin On Air (feat. Meek Mill) 16. Thug Cry (feat. Lil Wayne)

Mária Čírová: Na dosah - Mária Čírová

Tracklist1. Bez obáv2. Strácam3. Na dosah4. My5. Be there6. Labutia7. Si8. Who knows me ?9. Jewel10. Save you11. My (aoucstic)12. Labutia (club edit)

Sean Paul: Full Frequency - Sean Paul

Tracklist: 1. Riot (feat. Damian Jr. Gong Marley) 2. Entertainment 2.0 (feat. Juicy J, 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj) 3. Pornstar (feat. Nyla) 4. Want Dem All (feat. Konshens) 5. Hey Baby 6. Wickedest Style (feat. Iggy Azalea) 7. Dangerous Ground (feat. Prince Royce) 8. It\'s Your Life 9. Take It Low 10. Anyday 11. Lights On 12. Legacy 13. Other Side of Love 14. Turn It Up

Dido: Greatest Hits - Dido

Tracklist: 1. Here with Me 2. Thank You 3. Hunter 4. White Flag 5. Life for Rent 6. Don\'t Leave Home 7. Sand in My Shoes 8. Don\'t Believe in Love 9. Quiet Times 10. Grafton Street 11. Everything to Lose 12. Let Us Move On - Dido feat. Kendrick Lamar 13. No Freedom 14. End of Night 15. One Step Too Far - Faithless feat. Dido 16. Stan - Eminem feat. Dido 17. If I Rise - Dido and A. R. Rahman 18. NYC

Michal Hrůza: Den - Michal Hrůza

Tracklist 1. Zakázané uvolnění 2. Duše do vesmíru (host. Klara Vytiskova) 3. Slunce 4. Světozor 5. Venuše (host: Klára Vytisková) 6. Náhoda 7. Ráno 8. Vzducholoď 9. Rovaniemi 10.Sněhulák

Pixie Lott: Pixie Lott - Pixie Lott

Tracklist1. Nasty2. Lay Me Down3. Break Up Song4. Champion5. Kill A Man6. Ain\'t Got You7. Heart Cry8. Ocean9. Raise Up10. Bang11. Leaving You12. Cry And Smile

Gossling: Harvest Of Gold - Gossling

Tracklist1. Big Love2. Harvest Of Gold & TJ3. Never Expire4. Songs Of Summer & Steve Parkin5. Vanish6. Challenge7. Accolade & Alexander Gow8. That Feeling & Steve Parkin9. Pulse10. A Lover\'s Spat

Kobra And The Lotus: High Priestess - Kobra And The Lotus

Tracklist01. Warhorse02. I Am, I Am03. Heartbeat04. Hold On05. High Priestess06. Soldier07. Battle Of Wrath08. Visionary09. Willow10. Lost In The Shadows

Lady Antebellum: 747 - Lady Antebellum

Tracklist1. Long Stretch Of Love2. Bartender3. Lie With Me4. Freestyle5. Down South6. One Great Mystery7. Sounded Good At The Time8. She Is9. Damn You Seventeen10. 74711. Just A Girl

Vance Joy: Dream Your Life Away - Vance Joy

TracklistWinds of ChangeMess Is MineWasted TimeRiptideWho Am IFrom AfarWe All Die Trying to Get It RightGeorgiaRed EyeFirst TimeAll I Ever WantedBest That I CanMy Kind of Man

Tokio Hotel: Kings Of Suburbia - Tokio Hotel

Tracklist1. Feel It All2. Stormy Weather3. Run, Run, Run4. Love Who Loves You Back5. Covered in Gold6. Girl Got a Gun7. Kings of Suburbia8. We Found Us9. Invaded10. Never Let You Down11. Louder Than Love

Amaranthe: Masive Addictive - Amaranthe

Tracklist1. Dynamite2. Drop Dead Cynical3. Trinity4. Massive Addictive5. Digital World6. True7. Unreal8. Over and Done9. Danger Zone10. Skyline11. An Ordinary Abnormality12. Exhale

U2: Under A Blood Red Sky - U2

Bonusy1. Gloria2. 11 O\'Clock tick tock3. I will follow4. Party girl5. Sunday bloody Sunday6. The electric co.7. New year\'s day8. "40"

Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways - Foo Fighters

Tracklist1. Something From Nothing2. The Feast And The Famine3. Congregation4. What Did I Do? / God As My Witness5. Outside6. In The Clear7. Subterranean8. I Am A River