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Weight pulling

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Digitus CAT 7 S-FTP twisted pair installation cable, AWG 23/1, LSZH, 1000MHz, Color orange 100m

DIGITUS CAT 7 S-FTP PiMF installation cable, raw, AWG 23/1, LSZH, 1200MHz, Color orange 100m ring 4 x 2 x AWG23 S-FTP CAT7 1200MHz LSZH, installation cable Suitable for building structured cabling in the secondary and tertiary area. For installation of cable lines of class F, 1000 MHz. Conforming to ISO/IEC 11801, DIN EN 50173, DIN EN 50288-4-1 Physical description • Basic Conductor: solid AWG 23/1, bare annealed copper (0.57mm nom.) • Insulation: SFS-PO • Total number of insulated conducto...

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