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Virtue s last

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Boy, Snow, Bird - Helen Oyeyemi

Boy, Snow, Bird - Helen Oyeyemi Boy Novak turns 20 and decides to try for a brand-new life. Flax Hill, Massachusetts, isn't exactly a welcoming town, but it does have the virtue of being the last stop on the bus route she took from New York. Flax Hill is also the hometown of Arturo Whitman - craftsman, widower and father of Snow. Snow is mild-mannered, radiant and deeply cherished - exactly the sort of little girl Boy never was, and Boy is utterly beguiled by her. If Snow displays a certai...

Crippled God (Malazan Book of Fallen #10) - Steven Erikson

Crippled God (Malazan Book of Fallen #10) - Steven Erikson The Bonehunters are marching to Kolanse, and to an unknown fate. Tormented and exhausted, they are an army on the brink of mutiny. But Adjunct Tavore will not relent. If she can hold her forces together, if the fragile alliances she has forged can survive and if it is within her power, one final act remains. For Tavore Paran means to challenge the gods. Ranged against Tavore and her allies are formidable foes. The Fokrul Assail are draw...