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Tap machine

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Xavax T-Piece Angle Stop Valve 3/8" on 1/4" John Guest Connector

- Additional water connection - T-piece as a branch for subsequent mounting on an already existing angle valve or combo angle valve - Allows water connection (on the branch) of coffee machines, table water devices, water-processing units and water filters by means of an additional pipe - Can e.g. be used for water/filter connections or extensions to US side-by-side refrigerators - The device connection uses the Speedfit™ system for plastic lines - Quick mounting...

MS The Little Black Songbook: Metal

Noty pro kytaru THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK: METAL Knihy z edice The Little Black Book jsou zpěvníky, které obsahují text a akordové značky, a nejvíc je tak ocení kytaristé. Tento díl je věnován rockovým a metalovým hitům. Seznam skladeb: A Dangerous Meeting [Mercyful Fate] Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love [Van Halen] All My Life [Foo Fighters] Am I Evil? [Diamond Head] Animal [Def Leppard] Balls To The Wall [Accept] Beyond The Realms Of Dea...