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Sydney mirror

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Simply Red : Farewell (Live In Concert At Sydney Opera House)

; Seznam skladeb:; 1. Out On The Range ; 2. Your Mirror ; 3. Jericho; 4. Heaven ; 5. To Be With You ; 6. Enough ; 7. For Your Babies ; 8. You Make Me Feel Brand New ; 9. If You Don't Know Me By Now ; 10. It's Only Love ; 11. Sunrise

Unique Homes -

An exploration of thirty residences whose striking design reflects the identity of its inhabitants. Do our surroundings really make a difference in how we feel? In the harmony with which we conduct our daily lives? In our exploration of our personal, professional and spiritual paths? The answer, as shown in "The Art of Dramatic Living: Personalizing the Home through Good Design", is a resounding "Yes!" Form, color, texture, light, proportion and material - as well as cleanliness and order - are...

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