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Spy vs spy

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DVD - Spy vs Spy: The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

International spy London River is used to getting what she wants out of men. Now the hunter becomes the hunted as London is captured, and five men get what they want out of her! She's bound and flogged, then fucked in every hole, losing her...

The Deceiver - Frederick Forsyth

Forsyth's stalwart tribute to the spies who came in from the cold: four thriller-novellas featuring the intrigues of British superagent Sam McCready. With the cold war over, the Foreign Office has decided to retire its veteran spies, beginning with McCready, the "deceiver"'--head of Britain's disinformation desk since 1983. McCready balks, demanding a hearing at which his assistant relates four of McCready's most daring exploits. The first and longest, "Pride and Extreme Prejudice,"' is at once...

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