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Spy vs spy

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Spy vs Spy The Island Caper

Originální hra na kazetě pro ZX Spectrum.

The Deceiver - Frederick Forsyth

Forsyth's stalwart tribute to the spies who came in from the cold: four thriller-novellas featuring the intrigues of British superagent Sam McCready. With the cold war over, the Foreign Office has decided to retire its veteran spies, beginning with McCready, the "deceiver"'--head of Britain's disinformation desk since 1983. McCready balks, demanding a hearing at which his assistant relates four of McCready's most daring exploits. The first and longest, "Pride and Extreme Prejudice,"' is at once...

Christian Scott : Christian aTunde Adjuah CD

; Tracklist:; ; CD1; 1. Fatima Aisha Rokero 400 ; 2. New New Orleans (King Adjuah Stomp) ; 3. Kuro Shinobi (Interlude) ; 4. Who They Wish I Was ; 5. Pyrrhic Victory of aTunde Adjuah ; 6. Spy Boy / Flag Boy ; 7. vs. the Kleptocratic Union (Ms.