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Big Pink : Future This LP

; Tracklist:; 1. Stay Gold ; 2. Hit The Ground (Superman) ; 3. Give It Up; 4. The Palace ; 5. 1313 ; 6. Rubbernecking ; 7. Jump Music ; 8. Lose Your Mind; 9. Future This ; 10. 77 ; ;

Suiciders (Volume 1) - Lee Bermejo

It\'s the first collection of the amazing new series written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, featuring issues #1-6! "The Big One" has finally hit Los Angeles. After a devastating earthquake, the Southland has seceded from the union, leaving the city split in two: the walled-off, wealthy New Angeles and the criminal-run ghetto Lost Angeles. But what unifies them all is Suiciders: an extremely popular reality sport in which murder, mayhem and merciless brutality rule. Two of these fighters...

Reckless - Andrew Gross

A breathtaking novel of suspense from the co-author of five No 1 James Patterson bestsellers including Judge and Jury and Lifeguard, and the hit thrillers The Blue Zone and Don\'t Look Twice Ty Hauck has left law enforcement for a job with a big-time private security firm. But he quickly learns that life in the private sector can be every bit as dangerous as wearing a badge - if not more so. When a successful trader at one of Wall Street\'s largest firms is murdered his suburban home along with...