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Skate shop

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DVD - Ripped Stud in a Skate Shop

Kevin Case is a punk trying to get away with returning a skateboard that he thrashed in the desert. Spencer Reed won't stand for it and when Kevin gets pissed the guys decide to teach him a lesson. As Kevin fights he gets his clothes ripped...

Littlest Pet Shop Mětská scéna

Nové tematické městské hrací sady přináší Zábavný park a Skate park. Balení obsahuje jedno velké a jedno malé zvířátko s velkým množstvím dekorací a emoji bublinou.

The Disposable Skateboard Bible -

With the release of Disposable – A History of Skateboard Art in 2004, author Sean Cliver made a brilliant attempt at artfully cataloging every important skateboard deck ever released. In the process, he created a classic, but was left feeling less than satisfied. Ever the completist, the gaping omissions in the first book gnawed at him and drove him to envision compiling the ultimate encyclopedia of Skateboard decks. While Disposable – A History of Skateboard Art was beautiful, capturing the es...