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Scott spark

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Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force - Scott Reed, Miguel Munera

Trapped on the planet conquered by The Incredible Hulk\'s Dark Son, Hiro-Kala, these re-united protectors of The Microverse find themselves outgunned, out of their element and out of their minds! Rann\'s dark, secret past is unleashed in a battle that could re-spark an ancient war, changing Rann from the hero of the Microverse into the executioner of Jarella\'s World!

Before The Fall - Noah Hawley

The elite have everything: money, cars, private jets and beautiful families. David Whitehead and Ben Kipling are the top of the elite, both influential men with jobs in the media and finance, both travelling back to New York on a private jet after a vacation with their families, and both with secrets that could ruin their lives. Invited on a whim by David's wife, Scott Burroughs, a middle-aged painter, finds himself on their plane - he needs to visit New York for a meeting that could spark a re...