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Ovislink airlive wl 5460ap v2

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AirLive POE-48PB v2 / v4

AirLive POE-48PB v2 48V All-in-One PoE Power Adapter with DC Injector OVERVIEW The POE-48PBv2 is a 48V PoE adapter with DC injector. It takes the electricity from the Power Adapter and the data from the Ethernet network, then combined them into a signal that can be transmitted through the UTP/STP cable. Combination of POE-48PBv2 and PoE devices, such as PoE AP, PoE IPCam, you can easily deploy PoE network environment. FEATURES · 48V PoE Adapter with DC Injector · PoE kit for PoE AP and CP...

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