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Onkyo cs n755 bb

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Onkyo CS-N765/BB CSN765BB

CD receiver a repro., 22W/ch, síťové funkce (internet. rádio, DLNA), WRAT, VLSC, dig. vstupy, 2xUSB (iPod/iPhone), SUB Pre Out, Onkyo CS-N765/BB


ONKYO CS-N765 BB najdte na Digiboss.cz. ONKYO CS-N765 BB nabízíme i na splátky. Network Hi-Fi Mini System Feel it in High Resolution This is the best high-fidelity CD Receiver we’ve ever made. Almost all of the premium technology featured in our Reference components has found its way inside the thick metal chassis to bring network Hi-Res PCM and double-rate DSD to your listening space. Everything is premium spec, from discrete three-stage amp circuitry to the top-shelf 768 kHz/32-bit D/A conver...