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On board flight 666

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Hostage - Kristina Ohlsson

Hostage - Kristina Ohlsson The brand new thriller featuring Investigative Analyst Fredrika Bergman and Alex Recht of the Stockholm police. Shortly after a crowded New York-bound flight takes off from Stockholm, a bomb threat is found on board. Anonymous hijackers demand that the Swedish government revoke its decision to deport a Moroccan man. If their demands are not met, the plane will explode if it attempts to land. The US and Swedish governments must choose between negotiating with terrorist...

Arkham Horror Novel: Ghouls of the Miskatonic

Anglicky psaná novela ze světa Arkham Horror. A dread moaning drifted from somewhere far beyond the archway, the mumbled moans of some vast sleeper who dreams fitfully in an aeons-long slumber. The meaningless garble of syllables and animal noises were utterly unintelligible to her, but filled her with such dread that she could not bring herself to look into the blackness of the arch for another second. The sound of pipes and echoing chants from distant lands seemed to swirl around the island, ...