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Nec ph1000u

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NEC, PH1000U/DLP WUXGA 11000ANSI 2000:1

NEC 60003275 NEC, PH1000U/DLP WUXGA 11000ANSI 2000:1

Objektiv NEC NP28ZL - volitelné přísl. k prj

NP28ZL (Semi-long Zoom Lens for PH1000U, - 2.56-4.16:1)

NEC roz. zár. prj - group 6 - 4. a 5. rok

WARRANTY EXTENSION (4TH+5TH YEAR). Model: PH1000U, PH1400U. Please refer to the terms and conditions on our website.https://www.nec-display-solutions.com/p/cz/cs/products/accessories/details/rp/P-Extension4thto5thyearprojectors.xhtml?mg=Beamer_WarrantyExtensions&realm=products/accessories/choice&cat=Beamer