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The Little Book of Big Penis -

"Sirs" begins the missive from our imaginary correspondent. "It’s not that I don’t love your original Big Penis Book, but that, perhaps, I love it too much. I now become anxious leaving the house without it, and long business trips are simply torture. Couldn’t you make a smaller, less obtrusive edition, still packed with men whose generative members measure over 8 inches, that doesn’t form a suspiciously large bulge in my carry-on luggage? And while you’re at it, could you make it highly afford...

On Paper - Lucian Freud

Speaking recently about his early years as an artist Lucian Freud claimed, \'I would have thought I did 200 drawings to every painting in those early days. I very much prided myself on my drawing.\' Drawing is fundamental to Freud\'s development as an artist and to how he sees in a way that that it was not, for example, at the foundation of the work of Francis Bacon. Drawing became an important part of Freud\'s life from the start and a famous sketchbook, "The Freud-Schuster Book", dating back ...