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Inline head xj3 white

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Sluchátka s mikrofonem Logitech PC 960, USB - 981-000100

981-000100 náhlavní sada Logitech PC 960 Stereo Headset, USB The Logitech® PC Headset 960 USB features a comfortable and lightweight headband for all day wear, with in-line controls for volume and mute adjustment. The boom microphone can be adjusted to the optimal position for clearer conversations. The noise-cancelling microphone filters backgound noise, and rotates out of the way when not in use. Ships in a business pack ideal for system builders, integrators and value-added resellers. Hlav...

Logitech sluchátka s mikrofonem PC 960 Stereo headset, USB

* Stylish, adjustable over-the-head design for a comfortable fit that won’t slip off. * Ultra-soft earpad, flexible and lightweight design ensures all-day comfort. * USB cable for simple, plug-and-play connectivity. * Adjustable boom microphone for precise positioning; the microphone rotates out of the way when not in use. * In-line volume or mute controls for easy and precise control. * Microphone mute indicator light tells you when mute is enabled. ...