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In Tuscany

From the bestselling author whose memoirs Under the Sun and Bella Tuscany have captured the voluptuousness of Italian life comes a lavishly illustrated ode to the joys of Tuscany's people, food, landscapes, and art. In Tuscany celebrates the abundant pleasures of life in Italy as it is lived at home, at festivals, feasts, restaurants and markets, in the kitchen and on the piazza, in the vineyards, fields, and olive groves. Combining all-new essays by Frances Mayes and a chapter by her husband, ...

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Těsnění dvířek trouby ARISTON, CREDA, HOTPOINT, INDESIT C00081579 450 x 330mm

450 x 330mm Použito v modelech: 7OF627CIXRUHA 67847, 7OF637CIXRU/HA 67842, 7OFD610CHRU/HA 67839, 7OFD610ICERU/HA 67853, 7OFD610MRRU/HA 67841, 7OFHGWHRUHA 68020, 7OFTR850ANRUHA 67845, 7OFTR850OWRUHA 67843, 7OFZGIXRUHA 67848, 7OIF610K.AIXRU 67938, 7OIF617K.AIXRU 67939, 7OIF737K.AIXRU 67940, 7OIF997K.AIXRU 67941, BS43B 29822, BS43K 29823, BS43W 29821, BS53X 29824, BS63B 29898, BS63EB 32560, BS63EK 32561, BS63ES 29901, BS63ET 35236, BS63EW 32559, BS63K 29900, BS63N 29899, BS63S 29901, BS63W 29897, ...

Přepínač funkcí trouby 7 - polohový C00141247 ARISTON / INDESIT

Použito v modelech: K3G76S(W)/U, K3G76S(X)/U, K3C76(X)/BG, K3C76(W)/BG, C 312S P4 (X) U, C 312S P6 (X) U, C 34S P4 (W) U, C 34S P4 (X) U, C 35S P6 (W) U, C 35S P6 (X) U, C 35S P6 (W) R, C 35S P6 (X) R, C 3V P6 (W) R, C 3V P6 (X) R, C 35S P6 (W) R /HA, C 35S P6 (X) R /HA, C 3V P6 (W) R /HA, C 3V P6 (X) R /HA, K3T76S(W)/U, K3T76S(X)/U, C 312S P4 (X) U /HA, C 312S P6 (X) U /HA, C 34S P4 (X) U /HA, C 35S P6 (W) U /HA, C 35S P6 (X) U /HA, CI 3V P6 (X) R /HA, K3C767(X)/RU, CI3V P67(X) RU/HA, C 35S P6...