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Handy grip

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VICTORINOX RangerGrip 174

Nůž kapesní RangerGrip 174 ČERVENÝ Kapesní nůž o velikosti 130 mm s pojistkou velké čepele. Počet funkcí 17.

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od 3 581 Kč
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Lastolite Skylite Rapid Floor Bracket (No G'head) (LA8447)

The Skylite Rapid Floor Bracket enables the system to stand alone (particularly handy for solo shoots). Must be used with a grip head. Note: Skylight Rapid Griphead not included. Product - Height 2 cm Product - Length 94 cm Product - Width 2 cm Weight 0.197 kg Will Fit All Skylites

Manfrotto MM XPROC4

The new XPRO Monopod OVER is a professional carbon fibre photo monopod made for photographers that require extra height to stand out of the crowd or to master a wide range of shooting angles. If combined with the photo monopod head 234RC with a camera on top it allows to enhance the shooting experience by dramatically increase the framing speed and versatility. It represents the perfect combination of performance and portability allowing to easily carrying it while changing spots on...

Manfrotto MMXPROA3B, fotografický monopod se základnou, hliníkový 3sekce nohou

The new XPRO Monopod PRIME is a professional photo monopod made to satisfy all photographers that use heavy lenses mainly for sport photography and wildlife. Inheriting the perfect combination of rigidity and safety locking system from the professional tripods range, like collection 190 and collection 055, the Xpro Monopod PRIME represents Manfrotto’s state of the art leg supports. It features a smart retractable base that can be un-screwed from the last tube and open it out to greatly in...

Manfrotto MMXPROA5, fotografický monopod, hliníkový 5sekcí nohou

The new XPRO Monopod LAND is a brand new professional camera monopod made to satisfy all photographers that need a very portable and high-performing solution to be easily carried out for travelling. The MMXPROA5 it is the most compact Manfrotto monopod of the new range that easily packs inside a backpack or a messenger camera bag. Since portability can’t sacrifice performance, the new LAND photo monopod is equipped with Manfrotto state of the art of collection 190 and collection 055 legs that p...

Manfrotto MK290LTA3-V, 290 lehký kit stativu a BeeFree videohlavy

This version of 290 light is a tripod with head for vlogger and mobile journalist that features the new Befree live fluid video head. This video tripod kit combines great performances and innovative design touches with total durability. The new befree live video head provide professional fluidity on pan & tilt ensuring you’ll have an intuitive video tripod set that will stand the test of time. A clever compact and lightweight design makes it especially easy to carry. Great user...