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Gps navigace be on road

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TRANSCEND digitální kamera do auta DP220A, 16G, 2.4" LCD, GPS. LDWS, FCWS, Parking Mode, WiFi

DP220 Video ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhcOX4fQPp4 ? DP220 Product Page http://uk.transcend-info.com/Products/No-692 ? Product Online Review http://www.mobinfo.cz/transcend-drivepro-220-kamera-s-hlidanim-pruhu-recenze/ DrivePro 220 Day or night, Transcend's DrivePro 220 Car Video Recorder is your most reliable eyewitness on the road. The recorder's built-in battery, emergency recording, F1.8 ...


DP220 Video ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhcOX4fQPp4

Kenwood DNX8160DABS

General FeaturesDIN Size: 2 DINDetachable Faceplate: YesProtection Case For Faceplate: YesDisabled System Indicator (DSI): YesSecurity Code Function ( user set): YesSmooth GUI: YesKey Illumination: Variable colorTouch sensor: YesInstaller Memory: YesBack-up Memory: YesAttenuator with Smooth Volume Return: YesTouch Sensor Tone: YesOptional IR remote controller: YesAll-off Select (20/40/60 minutes): YesISO connector: YesBluetooth unit built-in: YesNavigation unit built-in: YesDAB Tuner Built-in: ...