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Food detective

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Food Detective test potravinové intolerance

Set určený na samodiagnostiku potravinové intolerance vhodný při přetrvávajících zdravotních komplikacích: ekzémy, migrény, astma, problémy s hmotností, ADHD, zácpy, průjmy. Registrovaná zdravotnická pomůcka. 96% spolehlivost.

FOOD DETECTIVE Samodiagnostický test potravinové intolerance

Test potravinové intolerance – v rámci jednoho testování zjistí protilátky na 59 základních potravin jednotlivě.

Sepea CZ Food Detective™ - samodiagnostický test potravinové intolerance 1 sada

Food Detective™ je samodiagnostický test potravinové intolerance, který si můžete provést sami v pohodlí vašeho domova. Nepotřebujete navštěvovat lékaře, ani čekat týdny na výsledky z testovacích laboratoří.

Dying Detective - Persson

Retired Chief of the National Crime Police and Swedish Security Service Lars Martin Johansson has just suffered a stroke. He is paying the price for a life of excess - stress, good food and fine wine. With his dangerously high blood pressure, his heart could fail at the slightest excitement. In the hospital, a chance encounter with a neurologist provides an important piece of information about a 25-year-old murder investigation and alerts Lars Martin Johansson's irrepressible police instincts. ...

The Wychford Poisoning Case - Anthony Berkeley

One of the earliest psychological crime novels, back in print after more than 80 years. Mrs Bentley has been arrested for murder. The evidence is overwhelming: arsenic she extracted from fly papers was in her husband’s medicine, his food and his lemonade, and her crimes are being plastered across the newspapers. Even her lawyers believe she is guilty. But Roger Sheringham, the brilliant but outspoken young novelist, is convinced that there is ‘too much evidence’ against Mrs Bentley and s...

The Nicholas Le Floch Affair - Jean-Francois Parot

This novel opens at the beginning of the year 1774, the last year of Louis XV\'s reign. Over fifteen years have passed since the first novel in the series, THE CHATELET APPRENTICE, and Nicolas is by now well established in his police career, and in his position as a trustee of King Louis XV. The only fly in the ointment is his fraught relationship with a wealthy widow, Julie de Lasterieux. When Julie is found dead in suspicious circumstances following an argument with Nicolas, he quickly become...

A Mediterranean Feast - Clifford A. Wright

A groundbreaking culinary work of extraordinary depth and scope that spans more than one thousand years of history, A Mediterranean Feast tells the sweeping story of the birth of the venerated and diverse cuisines of the Mediterranean. Author Clifford A. Wright weaves together historical and culinary strands from Moorish Spain to North Africa, from coastal France to the Balearic Islands, from Sicily and the kingdoms of Italy to Greece, the Balkan coast, Turkey, and the Near East. The evolution ...

Creation - Adam Rutherford

THE ORIGIN OF LIFE: What is life? Where did it come from? In what form did it first appear? And how? Every creature, plant and cell that has ever inhabited the Earth owes its existence to the emergence, some four billion years ago, of a single life-form: the first ever living being, from which all other life subsequently evolved. Drawing on recent and dramatic advances in experimental biology, The Origin of Life takes us on a gripping, four-billion-year journey of discovery to explain exactly h...