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Fashion royalty

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Royalty Line 6-dílná sada nožů a sekáčku se škrabkou a vrstvou RL-COL5C

Kvalitný set 6 ks kuchyňských nožů je přesně to, co ve Vaší kuchyni chybělo! Navíc obsahuje jako bonus kuchyňskou škrabku.

Blood Benith the Skin - Andrew Wilson

When Alexander McQueen committed suicide in February 2010, aged just 40, a shocked world mourned the loss of its most visionary fashion designer. McQueen had risen from humble beginnings as the youngest child of an East London taxi driver to scale the heights of fame, fortune and glamour. He designed clothes for the world's most beautiful women including Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. In business he created a multi-million pound luxury brand that became a favourite with both celebrities and roya...


"Covering Western costume from Ancient Egypt to contemporary haute couture, this is a fully illustrated companion volume to John Peacock's ""Fashion Sourcebooks"". The last 4000 years has seen an astonishing variety of ways in which the human form can be dressed, from the relative simplicity of the ancient world, through the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the changing conventions of the 18th and 19th centuries and the birth of modern dress. The final section brings the story up to date, showing...

Loos - August Sarnitz

Loos - August Sarnitz Adolf Loos (1870–1933) was a flamboyant character whose presence in the cultural hotbed of early 1900s Vienna galvanized the country’s architectural landscape. An early, impassioned advocate of modernism, he all-out rejected the grand Secessionist aesthetic prevalent at the time, as well as any hallmarks of the European fin de siecle. Instead, in lectures and essays, such as the milestone Ornament and Crime of 1908, Loos articulated his “passion for smooth and precious sur...