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Fashion angels

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The New York Times: 36 Hours Los Angeles & Beyond - Barbara Ireland (editor)

Pacific winds: Adventures for Angelenos The City of Angels is fluttering its wings. As one bright young thing after another heads West, the city’s art, food, and fashion scenes are abuzz with imaginative energy and optimism. To get a handle on all that creativity can be dizzying, especially if you only have a Friday through Sunday to explore. Luckily, this regional special in TASCHEN’s best selling travel series with The New York Times distills the best in eats, drinks, and experiences...

Adieu Audrey - Kalus-Jürgen Sembach

She was living evidence that fairy tales are real and that angels can come down to earth. It was Colette who discovered the too tall and too thin girl with expressive eyes, then a complete unknown, and made her the lead in the 1951 Broadway production of Gigi. Her film triumphs were all the more astonishing since she didn\'t match the usual Hollywood clichés. Petite, almost androgynous, and with a disarming naturalness, she had a worldwide impact on fashion and beauty trends and was enth...