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Exercise classic

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Fischer Vázání na klasiku pro pokročilé a mírně pokročilé Parametry Řada Classic Fixace manuální Flex 40 ShA

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Vázání Rottefella Exercise Classic

Vázání je určeno pro předmontované podložky

Rottefella Exercise Classic - servis

Vázání je určeno pro předmontované podložky NIS; Vázání nemá obchodní balení, je vhodné pro

Pathfinder Chronicles: Classic Horrors Revisited

Born of myth, legend, and even modern film and literature, monsters such as the mummy, vampire, werewolf, and zombie are the stuff of nightmares—and frequent foes of heroic adventurers! Along with flesh golems, gargoyles, ghosts, ghouls, hags, and the mysterious derro, these ten monsters are staples of horror fiction and the bane of countless would-be heroes. This 64-page book explores the origin of these creatures (in both the game world and real-world history), as well as their creation, habi...

Muscles: Testing and Function - Kendall,

This renowned classic provides unparalleled coverage of manual muscle testing, plus evaluation and treatment of faulty and painful postural conditions. The thoroughly updated Fifth Edition is completely reorganized and has new, expanded treatment and exercise sections in each chapter. Other features include a new section on post-polio syndrome, additional case studies comparing Guillain-BarrA to polio muscle tests, a new full-color design, and a first-of-its-kind chart of upper extremity articu...

Tidy's Physiotherapy, 15th ed. - Porter, Stuart B.

A classic textbook and a student favourite, "Tidy's Physiotherapy" aims to reflect contemporary practice of physiotherapy and can be used as a quick reference by the physiotherapy undergraduate, for major problems that they may encounter throughout their study, or while on clinical placement. "Tidy's Physiotherapy" is a resource which charts a range of popular subject areas. It also encourages the student to think about problem-solving and basic decision-making in a practice setting, presenting...

Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour - ...

From burlesque show to fashion runway, magazine cover to web video, Dita Von Teese has undergone more strokes of red lipstick, bursts of hair spray, boxes of blue-black hair dye and pats of powder in a month than even the most auspicious drag queen would dream of in a lifetime. But whether she's swirling inside a towering martini glass in Swarovski-covered pasties and stilettos or turning heads on the red carpet, one thing is certain-for this self-styled fashion icon, beauty is an art. Now, for...