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Ethno folk world music

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Sharon Isbin : 5 Classic Albums CD

; CD1 Journey to the Amazon; Music by ALMEIDA, BARRIOS, BROUWER, CANÓNICO, LAURO, MONTA?A,; SAVIO, THIAGO DE MELLO and VIANNA (PIXINGUINHA); with Paul Winter saxophone • Thiago de Mello percussion; CD2 Dreams of a World; Folk-inspired

Sugar Man - Craig Strydom

Sugar Man - Craig Strydom In the summer of 1972, during a compulsory stint in the South African military, Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman heard the music that would forever change his life. A decade later, on yet another military base, Craig Bartholomew Strydom heard the same music. It would have a profound effect. Who was this folk singer who resonated with South Africa's youth? No one could say. All that anyone knew was his name - Rodriguez - and the fact that he had killed himself on...

Czech Book of Records - Rafaj,Marek,Vaněk

Czech Book of Records - Rafaj,Marek,Vaněk CZECH BOOK of RECORDS- The Czech Book of Records in English- an ideal gift for your friends abroad, your guests, business partners, expatriates associations – a book representing the Czech Republic in the best of lights, as a country of creative people, the birthplace and home of many contemporary and historical personalities, architectural gems, inventions, sportsmen, works of art and „everyday“ heroes...Discover the skillful people and breathtaking co...