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Hell's Vengeance 5: Scourge of the Godclaw

Scourge of the Godclaw je páté ze série dobrodružství Hell s Vengeance pro hru na hrdiny Pathfinder. Dobrodružství je vhodné pro postavy na 13. úrovni. Kniha je v anglickém jazyce, barevná, brožovaná a má 96 stran. Highway to Hell Now bound to Queen Abrogail by infernal contracts, the villainous adventurers are given the task of destroying the Glorious Reclamation’s headquarters in the former citadel of the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw, where they face a gold dragon that was once an ally of ...

Colossal Compendium, Volume One (Simpsons Comics) - Matt Groening

Colossal Compendium, Volume One (Simpsons Comics) - Matt Groening Bongo raises the bar with the premier volume of its brand new Simpsons Comics trade series Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium: Volume 1.The Simpsons notoriety will be hard to keep under wraps with this brand new collection of comic stories that will catapult them once again onto the world stage. This new series, Colossal Compendium, will maintain the same recognizable series name throughout its run. Each volume will also have a ...