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Circus empire

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James Cook : Art & Sciences CD

; Tracklist:; 1. The Self Machine; 2. Government Kid; 3. Wrong Empire; 4. End of Summer; 5. Selling Ideas; 6. Arts and Sciences; 7. Black Market Futures; 8. Sediment in Wine; 9. Face to Face; 10. Circus of Our Lives;

Human League : Reproduction LP

; 1.album (1979); ; 1. Almost Medieval ; 2. Circus Of Death ; 3. The Path Of Least Resistance ; 4. Blind Youth ; 5. The Word Before Last ; 6. Empire State Human ; 7. Morale.../ You've Lost That Lovin'

Drawing Blood - Crabapple, M.

Art was my dearest friend. To draw was trouble and safety, adventure and freedom. In that four-cornered kingdom of paper, I lived as I pleased. This is the story of a girl and her sketchbook. In language that is fresh, visceral, and deeply moving-and illustrations that are irreverent and gorgeous-here is a memoir that will change the way you think about art, sex, politics, and survival in our times. From a young age, Molly Crabapple had the eye of an artist and the spirit of a radical. After a ...