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Chef salad

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Mexico the Cookbook - Margarita Carrillo

Mexico the Cookbook - Margarita Carrillo Mexico: The Cookbook is the definitive bible of home-cooking from Mexico. With a culinary history dating back 9,000 years, Mexican food draws influences from Aztec and Mayan Indians and is renowned for its use of fresh aromatic ingredients, colorful presentations and bold food combinations.The book features more than 700 delicious and authentic recipes that can be easily recreated at home. From tamales, fajitas, and moles to cactus salad, blue crab soup,...

Toast The Cookbook - Raquel Pelzel

Toast The Cookbook - Raquel Pelzel Easy enough for breakfast, yet suitable for brunch, lunch, dinner and even dessert, the possibilities of heaping beautiful seasonal ingredients on bread are limitless. Toast guides home chefs as they explore cuisine's ultimate creative canvas. Organized by season, Toast features 50 recipes from savory to sweet that unleash the power of fresh ingredients and simple techniques guaranteed to impress and satisfy any kitchen audience on any occasion. Award-win...

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