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Cd green day

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CD Green Day : Revolution Radio

; 12. album (2016); ; Tracklist:; 1. Somewhere Now [4:08]; 2. Bang Bang [3:24]; 3. Revolution Radio [3:00]; 4. Say Goodbye [3:39]; 5. Outlaws [5:02]; 6. Bouncing Off The Wall [2:40]; 7. Still Breathing [3:44]; 8.

CD Green Day : International Super Hits

kompilace / Best Of (2001) ; Billie Joe Armstrong - vocals, guitars; Mike Dirnt - bass, vocals; Tro Cool - drums; 1. Maria ; 2. Poprocks & Coke ; 3. Longview ; 4. Welcome to Paradise ; 5. Basketcase ; 6. When I Come Around ; 7. She ; 8. JAR ; 9. Geek

CD Green Day : When I Come Around

; Live Bootleg (2016); Radio Broadcast 1994; ; 1. Chump; 2. Longview; 3. Burnout; 4. When I Come Around; 5. Welcome To Paradise; 6. Coming Clean; 7. Knowledge; 8. Basket Case; 9. 2000 Light Years

CD Green Day : Light Years Away Radio Broadcast 1994

; 1 Chump ; 2 Longview ; 3 Burnout ; 4 When I Come Around ; 5 Welcome To Paradise ; 6 Coming Clean ; 7 Knowledge ; 8 Basket Case ; 9 All By Myself/Dominated Love Slave ; 10 2000 Light Years Away ; 11

Green Day : Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band CD

; Průřez kariérou jedné ze zásadních amerických rockových skupin. Dvacet největších hitů posbíraných během 31 let a dvěnové skladby! Kromě slavných písní jako Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, When I Come Around, Basket Case nebo Wake Me Up When September

CD Ford Robben : A Day In Nashville

; album (2014); ; 1. Green Grass, Rainwater; 2. Midnight Comes Too Soon; 3. Ain't Drinkin' Beer No More; 4. Top Down Blues; 5. Different People; 6. Cut You Loose; 7. Poor Kelly Blues; 8. Thump And

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN + CD (Black Cat Readers Level 1 * Green...

After their father is mysteriously forced to leave home, the three children and their mother leave their comfortable house in London and go to live in a cottage in the country near a railway track. The children soon make friends with the Station Master, the Porter and a friendly old gentleman, who waves to them from the morning train. Peter, Bobbie and Phyllis enjoy several exciting adventures and even become the heroes of the village. But the mystery of their father remains unsolved, until one...

SANDOKAN + CD (Black Cat Readers Level Starter * Green Apple...

Sandokan and his fierce pirates rule the Malaysian Sea in the 1840s, and the British want to capture him. One day he meets Marianna, Lord James’s young niece, and he is immediately attracted by her extraordinary beauty. And she is attracted by his great courage when he fights with a tiger and kills it. Being the niece of the British commander, their love is impossible, but Sandokan and his friend, Yanez, make a daring plan to take Marianna away from her uncle. Although Sandokan is captured by t...

CD LeeAnn Ledgerwood : Transition

; Seznam skladeb:; ; 1. Dolphin dance; 2. Vierd blues; 3. Night and day; 4. Morning psalm; 5. Five; 6. Appalachian green; 7. Four by five; 8. Central Park West; 9. Transition;

THE CALL OF THE WILD + CD (Black Cat Readers Level 2 * Green...

In the last part of the nineteenth century Jack London visited the Klondike in northwest Canada because he wanted to find gold. He didn’t find any but he returned with a story that is now one of America’s greatest classics. This is the story of Buck, a wonderful, big dog. One day someone takes him from his home in sunny California to the very cold Klondike and he must work. Life is now very difficult and Buck must learn how to survive. Read about his adventures and how he adapts to his new life...

WHITE FANG + CD (Black Cat Readers Level 2 * Green Apple Edi...

Set in the cold Yukon Territory during the Klondike Gold Rush, this is the adventurous story of a young wolf that is captured by man and must learn to live in captivity. His first years are filled with hardship because his masters are cruel and uncaring, and he has no friends, only enemies. Then one day, during a terrible dog fight, White Fang meets a stranger who changes his life... One of Jack London’s best-loved stories that no reader will ever forget.

CD Chris Robinson Brotherhood : Anyway You Love,We Know How You Feel

; Tracklist:; Narcissus Soaking Wet; Forever As the Moon; Ain't It Hard But Fair; Give Us Back Our Eleven Days; Some Gardens Green; Leave My Guitar Alone; Oak Apple Day; California Hymn;

Rockovým kytaristou! Za 6 týdnů! |

Kniha s přiloženým CD vám nabízí bleskový kurz hry na elektrickou kytaru ... samozřejmě bez zdlouhavého pilování stupnic! Základní kytarové triky a fígle jsme vám přiblížily na příkladech z rockové historie. Můžete si poslechnout, jak to či ono hrál Kurt Cobain, jak staví své skladby Metallica nebo jak vyrábějí svůj punkový sound Green Day. Ženy vám budou ležet u nohou!

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