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Cd fear factory

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Fear Factory: Demanufacture: CD

Skladby: 01. Demanufacture 4:12 02. Self Bias Resistor 5:12 03. Zero Signal 5:56 04. Replica 3:56 05. New Breed 2:49 06. Dog Day Sunrise 4:45 07. Body Hammer 5:05 08. Flashpoint 2:53 09. H-K (Hunter-Killer) 5:17 10. Pisschrist 5:25 11. A Therapy For Pain 9:43

DAVID COPPERFIELD + CD (Black Cat Readers Level 2 * Green Ap...

David Copperfield is a boy who experiences the best and the worst of life in 19th-century England. When David’s beloved mother dies, his cruel stepfather mistreats him. David has to suffer fear and loneliness at a barbaric boarding school before later, while still a child, working in a London factory. He meets the handsome deceiver, Steerforth, and the evil hypocrite, Uriah Heep. But he also finds love and protection from the friends he can trust.