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Best parade

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Hit Parade - Paul Weller

Disc 1 1. Town Called Malice 2. Going Underground 3. Shout To The Top (Full Version) 4. From The Floorboards Up 5. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight (Single Edit) 6. Peacock Suit 7. The Changingman (Single Edit) 8. The Eton Rifles (Single Edit) 9. Come On/Let's Go 10. Sunflower 11. Beat Surrender 12. Walls Come Tumbling Down 13. That's Entertainment 14. Broken Stones 15. Wishing On A Star 16. Long Hot Summer (Single Edit) 17. You're The Best Thing (Single Edit) 18. Wild Wood 19. You Do Somth...

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Brochure Parade 2 -

On the trail of success of the first volume, this second edition of “Brochure Parade” explores and celebrates the all Italian talent and creativity of immagining and creating “stories”, which developed in the best brochures we have selected among the numerous that we received. Our objective was to collect these in a single and ever original publication, renewed in its graphic design, yet, true to a style that has characterized and given way to this series.

White Dwarf January 2014

Lednové číslo časopisu White Dwarf. January s edition of White Dwarf foretells the doom of the denizens of Warhammer 40,000, as the Tyranids invade once more, intent on devouring all in their path. In the issue s pages you ll find plenty of packed features showing off what s new and exciting in the Games Workshop hobby in January. New Releases showcases the brilliant new Tyranid miniatures with glorious photography and commentary on what you can find in the new kits. There s also a fantastic pu...

Doors : Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine 2LP

; Kompilace / Best Of (1972) /LP REEDICE 2014/; ; LP I.; SIDE A; 1. Break On Through (To the Other Side) (from The Doors); 2. Strange Days (from Strange Days); 3. Shaman's Blues (from The Soft Parade); 4. Love Street (from Waiting for the

Sofia the First: Blue-Ribbon Bunny - Sarah Nathan

When the Village Faire holds a Best Pet Contest, Sofia and Clover decide to enter together to win the blue ribbon and a ride on a parade float. The other kids in the kingdom bring unique and talented pets they seem much more special than a bunny from the forest. Should Sofia choose the fanciest pet to enter in the contest, or stick with her best friend Clover?

The Little Book of Driben - Dian Hanson

The Little Book of Driben - Dian Hanson. His name is less familiar than Vargas’s and Elvgren’s, but his brilliantly colored and voluptuous pin-ups are well known. Peter Driben’s career began in 1934, with covers for La Paree Stories, Pep Stories, Snappy, New York Nights, and Bedtime Stories. He progressed to High Heel, Silk Stocking Stories, Gay Book, and Joker, but true fame arrived in 1944 with his first cover for Beauty Parade. For the next 11 years Driben painted the most popular magazine c...

The Little Book of Pin-up Driben - Dian Hanson

His name is less familiar than Vargas\' and Elvgren\'s, but his brilliantly colored voluptuous pin-ups are well known. From 1944 to 1955 he painted the most popular magazine covers in America for Beauty Parade, Wink, Titter, Eyeful, Flirt and Whisper magazines. He was rediscovered in the 1990s as the subject of Taschen\'s The Best of American Girlie Magazines, and since has decorated T-shirts and coffee mugs, album covers and tattooed tushes. Now his many fans can have over 200 of his or...

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