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Andy mcdermott

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The Midas Legacy - Andy McDermott

Autor : Andy McDermott, The twelfth in the fantastic Wilde/Chase series sees Nina trying to follow in her late mother's footsteps as she and husband Eddie search for King Midas' legacy. Fan Scott Mariani says that McDermott's adventure thrillers are full of 'action, adventure and mayhem aplenty'. if you read Cussler, Mariani or James Rollins you'll love this.A return to AtlantisThe lost city has defined Nina Wilde's life. Her parents' obsession with Atlantis cost them their lives, but finding i...

King Solomon's Curse - Andy McDermott

Autor : Andy McDermott, Wilde and Chase return, this time on the trail of a Biblical weapon of immense power, hidden deep in the African jungle... Nina Wilde is back on the hunt. Now presenting her own TV documentary series, Nina is in Jerusalem to explore the long-lost First Temple of King Solomon, buried beneath the Temple Mount. Inside, she discovers a hidden chamber: a map room with a model of a mysterious city holding a secret concealed by Solomon himself. Analysing its clues, Nina deduces...